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For a better understanding of the operation of the hostel and to make your stay a pleasant one, please note the following:


The formulation of the reservation implies acceptance of these general conditions.

dpaso Urban Hostel, comply with the regulations of the Xunta de Galicia and have the corresponding insurance.

The current rate is from € 17 VAT included.

All prices include VAT.

The reservation will be fully formalized upon receipt of confirmation by the establishment. Having previously requested a card as a guarantee thereof.

Checks are not accepted. You can only pay by credit or debit card, cash or transfer. The stay will be paid upon arrival.


Cancellation expenses: Covers the expenses and damages accrued by not occupying the reserved places and canceled prior to the expected arrival date.

Said expenses will be originated if canceled in the 5 days prior to arrival, these being 100% of the first night of stay, not making any additional charge if the stay was for more nights.


The rooms are provided with bedding. Extra towels are available at the request of the client paying a supplement (€ 1).

The bathrooms are shared and for individual use.

Cleaning will be daily of all the facilities of the establishment.

The sheets and towels will be renewed with the departure of each guest. In those cases where the reservation involves more than one day, they will be renewed every three nights.

Check-in can be done from 2:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., being grateful that you inform us of your arrival time. The maximum time established for the departure of the rooms will be at 11:00 on the day of departure unless other times are previously agreed. The hostel will charge an extra night without the right to stay for departures made after 1:00 p.m.

The accommodation will be carried out in a free distribution regime by the Installation Management. You can check the possibility of a certain use and enjoyment (individual, shared or full) at the time of booking.

To check in, you must present a photo ID or passport. Non-EU citizens with a passport only.

dpaso Urban Hostel is not responsible for the actions of clients with third parties.

Any damage, deterioration or theft that occurs voluntarily or due to misuse in the facilities, must be compensated by the responsible person (s) after evaluating the management of the facility.

The data that is collected, will be processed electronically or will be archived with the consent of the citizen, who has the right to decide who may have their data, what they use it for, request that it be accurate and that it be used for the purpose it is collected. , with the exceptions contemplated in the current legislation.


The hostel guests will behave respectfully with the staff and with the rest of the clients, taking responsibility for their actions. The client exempts the owner and those responsible for the hostel from all liability derived from their actions.

Respect other people’s sleep at night.

Avoid altercations.

Follow the pertinent indications they receive from the personnel in charge of enforcing these Internal Regime Regulations.

In the event of any discomfort or disrespectful act caused to clients or hostel staff, the right of admission is reserved.

Smoking is not allowed in any of the hostel’s facilities.

The hours of silence in the room will be from 22:30 to 8:00. Please respect the hours of rest. Except for specific events specified by the Hostel Management.

Breakfasts are considered collective acts. The hours established for services must be respected for the good of the community, organization and good order in the establishment.

You cannot hang clothes, shoes, or other objects on the windows, except in the specific places that the establishment has for it.

Entrances and exits will always be made through the doors designed for this purpose.

All users of the hostel must take care of the social norms of coexistence and personal hygiene, as well as dressing and fitting properly in the common places.


The rooms are for sleeping. Respect the hours of rest and your roommates.

In case of theft the hostel is not responsible.

It is not allowed to store or consume food or drinks in the rooms.

The cleaning hours of the rooms and other facilities are from 11:00 to 13:00. Please facilitate cleaning tasks for hostel staff.


Breakfast is NOTincluded in the price . The schedule in which this service ends is at 10:30 am.

Sheets, blankets are included in the price. Theft or damage to them or towels will be penalized with € 6 / unit.

The establishment has free Wifi.

The hostel has a kitchen for the use of its clients, equipped with a microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher and sink. They must be used responsibly. It is the obligation of each client to leave the utensils clean and the kitchen collected after use. Each client must mark their food or drink with name and checkout date and remove them from the kitchen before leaving the hostel. Food and drinks that are not properly marked will be removed by the hostel managers. The hostel is not responsible for the deterioration or theft of the drinks and food found in said room.

Meals will be held in the dining room or in places designated for this purpose by the hostel management. It is not allowed to prepare or consume meals in the bedrooms.

The hostel has a laundry room equipped with a washing machine and a dryer available to customers upon payment for each service.

The hostel has leisure rooms with TV, books and board games, free for clients.

You cannot take furniture, mattresses and other objects out of the establishment. Users must respect the order and distribution of furniture. Under no circumstances may it be altered.


The hostel will have an information board located in a clearly visible place. In it, the Directorate will publish the general and particular provisions that must govern the establishment. In particular, the schedule of services and the operation of the hostel facilities: rooms, kitchen, breakfast, opening and closing of facilities, etc.

The hours of total silence in the hostel will be 23:00. at 8.00 a.m.


All users must take care with the preservation of the building, facilities and furniture, especially their room and bunk, not posting posters or other objects that could damage them, nor on walls, doors and windows. He will be responsible for any damage that may be attributable to him, and in his case, he must report the incidents to the hostel management, both of the damage caused, as well as those observed. In any case, whoever causes damage to the facilities or materials transferred will answer for the damages and losses caused.

For security reasons, the use of stoves, stoves, accumulators, etc. will be totally prohibited.

Chargers for mobile phones, computers, photo cameras, tablets… are exempt from this authorization.


The kitchen service is for the exclusive use of hostel guests and is included in the accommodation service.

Utensils, dishes, kitchen appliances and accessories are at your disposal. Shelters should clean the utensils, dishes and appliances used and leave the premises in good condition.

The use of the laundry, washing and drying service for hostel owners will be available to those who request it, upon payment of the established fee.

The manual iron service will be free.


The hostel has a first aid kit, but no health personnel to attend to it or a means of transportation.


In general, visits to our clients will not be admitted, the access of guests invited to the Hostel will be made with the express authorization of the hostel management and in accordance with the instructions expressed.


The following will be the rights of any user of the hostel:

Use the contracted facilities and services in accordance with these regulations and with the hostel’s internal regulations.

Receive objective, exact and complete information on each and every one of the conditions for the provision of services.

Obtain as many documents as prove the terms of your contract and, in any case, the corresponding receipts.

Formulate complaints or claims, for which they will have at their disposal the appropriate means for this, the complaint form and the satisfaction questionnaire.

Any other rights that are recognized in the current applicable legislation.

The following will be the obligations of all users of the hostel:

Respect the provisions of these hostel regulations and the instructions issued by the hostel management.

Make good use of the facilities and their equipment and services.

Communicate to the staff of the facilities the operating anomalies, breaks and deficiencies of the facilities that they observe.

Respect the rights of other people, especially in the reservations of rooms and common spaces previously granted.

Behave correctly in the facilities, facilitating at all times the work of the hostel staff and coexistence with other users.

Pay the public prices required for the use of the hostel’s services and facilities.

Respect the opening and closing hours of the hostel, following the indications of the staff in this regard.

Any other obligations arising from current or present legislation



For the purposes of guaranteeing the rights that shelter people have, there will be a Book of Claims available to them.

Any user, after showing their ID, passport, may use the Claims Book, stating in it, together with the claim, their identification with name, surname and address. In due time and form, we will proceed to answer in writing or, if applicable, verbally in the same place.


Pets are not accepted in our facilities.